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Access to Financing and Entrepreneur Development through SME Bank’s Regional Let’s XCESS 2021 Program

KUALA LUMPUR : 23 September 2021

In line with the current increased in economic activities, SME Bank continues to organize the Let’s XCESS 2021 engagement programs which provide access to financing and SME development programs in six regions nationwide enabling more SME entrepreneurs to receive assistance and not left behind in the current economic recovery trend.

Minister of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives, Tan Sri Noh Haji Omar said, “The economic recovery which is expected to continue until 2022 is a good sign for the SME sector and the initiative taken by SME Bank in organizing the Let's XCESS 2021 program in collaboration with other strategic partners, will enable SME entrepreneurs to revitalize their businesses and in return, contribute to the country's economic growth.”

Tan Sri Noh added, "As for MEDAC, our focus is to outline more effective entrepreneurship development policies, initiatives and strategies so that all parties involved in developing the country's SMEs are able to function in a more organized and effective manner.”

Group President / Chief Executive Officer SME Bank, Aria Putera Ismail said, “The main focus currently will be to resolve issues on access to financing often faced by SMEs. In addition, efforts will also be emphasized on entrepreneur development programs through SME Bank's wholly-owned subsidiary, the Centre for Entrepreneur Development and Research Sdn. Bhd. or CEDAR.”

Aria added, “To ensure the Let's XCESS 2021 program is more comprehensive, SME Bank also invites large companies or anchors such as Prowheels Distributor, Petro Teguh, Bateriku.com, Ayamas and Chatime that will offer opportunities to entrepreneurs as franchisees or participants in their business programs. These companies are also participating in SME Bank’s Umbrella Financing Program which will assist entrepreneurs to diversify their businesses and provide guidance on how to ensure their businesses remain competitive using complete SOPs.”

The Let's XCESS 2021 virtual tour program will continue with the East Coast Region on October 7, East Malaysia Region (Sabah & Sarawak) on October 21, the Northern Region on November 11, the Central Region on November 23 and lastly in the Southern Region on December 9. SME entrepreneurs who are interested in obtaining information on financing and business advisory services at any of Let’s XCESS 2021 sessions can register at the portal www.smebank.com.my/en/lets-xcess2021.

The SME Bank Let’s XCESS 2021 program is a continuation of the national level SME Bank XCESS 2021 program, which was organized online last July. The flagship engagement program organized by SME Bank is to fulfill its role as a DFI that not only provides financing facilities but also implements various initiatives that go beyond financing. The SME Bank XCESS 2021 program had attracted more than 6,000 visitors and had benefited more than 1,600 SMEs who participated in business matching, networking and knowledge sharing sessions.

The launching ceremony of the SME Bank Let’s XCESS 2021 Program was officiated by the Minister of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives, Tan Sri Noh Haji Omar, Deputy Minister of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives, Muslimin Yahaya, Dato’ Seri Nazir Ariff, Chairman of SME Bank and Aria Putera Ismail, Group President/Chief Executive Officer of SME Bank.