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The Entrepreneur Premises Complex (EPC) initiative under the ambit of the Entrepreneur Premises Programme (EPP) is offered to Bumiputera SMEs looking to expand their premises. Each EPC takes the form of a strategically located factory space for budding Bumiputera SMEs looking to grow their business to the next level while improving productivity and operational efficiency. EPP officers are on hand to ensure optimum supervision of each tenant’s progress and development throughout the tenancy period. As a value added service, specific intervention is brought into play to strengthen business growth and sustainability.

The “graduation plan” for each EPC takes into account the business strategy, growth plans and prospects for each tenant’s respective business. Structured intervention is also implemented to allow tenants to migrate upwards within the stipulated time
frame. The tenants' selection criteria or scope for selection is determined by the Bank.

In 2016, the EPP initiative continued to turn in good results. Demand was encouraging with an 82% occupancy rate and 374 factory units rented out. The programme also produced five graduates during the year that succeeded in relocating their operations to their own premises.