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Watch Online: i-SME TV Programme

This TV program is to showcase the SME’s entrepreneur success stories and also to inspire and motivate fellow Malaysians on entrepreneurship for both current and future business owner.


Episode 1 - Gading Kencana Sdn Bhd

Episode 2 - Sani United Berhad

Episode 3 - Murni International College

Episode 4 - Sumisaujana TCM Chemicals Sdn Bhd

Episode 5 - Mat Salai Sdn Bhd

Episode 6 - Perniagaan Wafada Sdn Bhd

Episode 7 - Advance Pact Sdn Bhd

Episode 8 - Teras Integrasi Sdn Bhd

Episode 9 - Industrial Quality Management Sdn Bhd

Episode 10 - Amat Sinar Sdn Bhd

Episode 11 - Zui Xiang F&B Sdn Bhd

Episode 12 - Selia-Tek Sdn Bhd

Episode 13 - Bulan Restu Sdn Bhd

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