BFR Oktober 2022
BFR Oktober 2022
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Fraud Awareness
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Pembuatan - Jualan Tahunan < RM300,000 ATAU Pekerja < 5

Perkhidmatan & Sektor Lain - Jualan Tahunan RM300,000 ATAU Pekerja < 5


Pembuatan - Jualan Tahunan RM300,000 < RM15 juta ATAU Pekerja Dari 5 hingga < 75

Perkhidmatan & Sektor Lain - Jualan Tahunan RM300,000 < RM3 juta ATAU Pekerja Dari 5 hingga < 30


Pembuatan - Jualan Tahunan RM15 juta ≤ RM50 juta ATAU Pekerja Dari 75 hingga < 200

Perkhidmatan & Sektor Lain - Jualan Tahunan RM3 juta ≤ RM20 juta ATAU Pekerja Dari 30 hingga < 75

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SME Bank online directory (e-directory) is a dedicated website that comprises of Bank’s clients’ profiles which shall serve as a virtual marketplace for those companies to promote their products and/or services to potential buyers locally and globally. This invention relates to online search engine that enable a user to find relevant listings of businesses needed to fulfill their product/service needs. As the internet is the world’s biggest shopping mall that allows enterprises to do their businesses with low costs involved, yet covering global market, hence, it is timely for SME Bank to initiate and establish this platform. Facilitated by the Internet and the Web, this e-directory will allow and drive our SME companies to be global players as well as to gain the e-commerce benefits whereby their products and/or services shall be tapped by any Internet users around the globe i.e., customers, suppliers and partners.

For the initial stage, SME Bank has invited some selected Bank’s clients to participate in this initiative. This website shall connect producers with end users in which end users may be a consumer or a business. Hence, it provides accessibility and an interactive communication platform between producers and end users. Through this structure, however, SME Bank would not involve in any form of transaction and/or business dealings amongst the buyers and sellers i.e., receiving orders, payments of goods, etc.

This portal serves as the intermediary for interested parties and/or potential buyers to explore potential products available from registered members who are Bank’s clients.

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Applying for business financing is now easier with MySMEBank online application

Hubungi Kami:
Menara SME Bank,
Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603 2603 7700