Getting tired of doing routine operations manually. Now’s your chance to get your business digitalized!. In conjunction with Budget 2020, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) is now giving grants to Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) to adopt digitalisation in daily operations.

  • Grant amounting up to 50% or a maximum of RM 5,000 from total invoice amount.
  • Great deals on digital solutions from a wide list of panels endorsed by MDEC.
  • Wide range of digitalization areas:-
    • Electronic Point of Sales (e-POS) System
    • Human Resource Payroll System (HR) / Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Digital Marketing / Sales
    • Procurement
    • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) / Accounting & Tax
    • eCommerce
    • Remote working
  • The Company is at least 60% owned by Malaysians.
  • The Company is registered under the relevant laws of Malaysia.
  • The Company has been in operation for at least one (1) year. 
  • Company operation in one ( 1 ) year, company required to have a minimum annual sales turnover of RM 100,000.
  • Company operation > two (2) years, company required to have a minimum annual sales turnover of RM 50,000 (preceding two (2) consecutive years).
Required Documents
  • Completed SME Digitalisation Initiative Application Form
  • Copy of Identity Card or Passport of Director (s) / Partner (s) / Proprietor(s), whichever is applicable.
  • Copy of business registration licenses (CCM, Form A/B, Form 24 & 49 and M&A or any similar forms under the Companies Act 2016).
  • Audited financial statement for the last financial year and the latest management account or evidende of sales turnover (if any).
  • Company’s bank statement for the last two (2) months.
  • Company’s profile (if any).
  • Invoice/billing and service agreement from authorized vendor listed by MDEC.
How to Apply
  • The Company must contact and appoint one or more panel of Service Providers to perform any of the digitalisation services available (maximum of 3 panels).
  • The Company must complete and submit the application form together with the required supporting documents to any of the Bank's branches.
  • Once the application is approved, the Company is responsible to pay the difference of the total invoice after deducting the subsidized amount granted from the Initiative and to provide proof of payment to any of the Bank’s branches.
  • After proof of payment is provided, subject to the total invoice amount, the Bank will make a direct 50% payment of the total invoice amount or up to RM 5,000.00 to the Service Provider in one lump sum payment or in stages based on the Bank’s discretion.


Any further enquiries, please contact our Customer Service Centre at 03-2603 7700 or Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) at 1-300-88-1900.




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