KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 16 (Bernama) -- Pushing small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to strive further and to enhance SME Bank Malaysia Bhd ’s role in providing financial assistance to targeted SMEs is the main goal of its newly-appointed Chief Executive Officer Aria Putera Ismail. 

He said the three pillars in managing the bank were human capital, products and programmes as well as, portfolio and policy.

“We are looking at improving the asset quality as well as improving our talent. This bank’s important fundamental is to push SMEs to strive further as they serve as the country’s backbone, he told Bernama. 

Aria highlighted that although the bank did not give out any grants for SMEs entrepreneurs, it provided financing and beyond, such as entrepreneur development programmes and entrepreneur premises complex. 

SME Bank had approved more than RM29 billion to nurture and finance more than 16,000 SMEs since 2005.

In the future, Aria said the bank would undertake high impact initiatives to provide customised solutions for SMEs through the development of comprehensive financing programmes such as Ecosystem Financing Programme and Umbrella Financing Programme.

Source : Bernama, 16 Dec 2018

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