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   SME Bank ISHRAF 2.0 Programme Participants Successfully Recorded Cumulative Sales of RM3.6 Million21-12-2022
   Overnight Policy Rate (OPR) Revision to Support and Accommodate Economic Growth11-11-2022
   SME Bank Brings Local O&G Players To Expand Globally09-11-2022
   SME Bank Bags Two ADFIAP Development Awards 2022 in Manila07-11-2022
   SME Bank 90-days Biz Challenge Program Nurture Knowledgeable & Competitive Graduate Entrepreneurs02-11-2022
   SME Recapitalization Fund Provide Opportunities for SMEs to Receive More Financing Assistance17-10-2022
   Penjana [email protected] Bank Continues to Assist B40 Entrepreneurs 29-09-2022
   Overnight Policy Rate (OPR) Revision to Curb Inflationary Pressures09-09-2022
   SME Bank Publishes its Inaugural SME Sentiment Index15-08-2022
   SME Bank XCESS Opens Cross-Border Opportunities For MSMEs12-08-2022
   SME Bank XCESS is back to assist SMEs29-07-2022
   Best Agency Award for SME Bank27-07-2022
   Another Successful Issuance of SME Bank’s Sustainability Sukuk25-07-2022
   SME Bank Journey Towards Building A Sustainable Future 12-07-2022
   SME Bank Maintains Profitability in 2021 Amidst Challenging Landscape30-06-2022
   SME Bank Revises Its BFR Following OPR Adjustment23-05-2022
   Monetary Policy Ensures Sustainable Growth17-05-2022
   HRSB Holdings Receives RM132 Million of SME Bank Financing18-04-2022
   SME Bank Improves Benefits for Non-Exec Staff16-03-2022
   SME Bank Targets Increase in Export Sales for SME Entrepreneurs through BEP16-02-2022
   SME Bank Continues to Assist Customers Affected By The Flood19-01-2022
   SME Bank’s Sustainability Sukuk wins Best Asean Green Sri Sukuk & Best Sri Sukuk11-01-2022
   SME Bank Provides Immediate Assistance for Flood Victims22-12-2021
   Assistance on Flood Disaster19-12-2021
   SME Bank OACP 2020-2024 Supports National Anti-Corruption Plan (NACP)16-12-2021
   SMEs in Northern Region Continue to Receive Full Support from SME Bank04-12-2021
   SME Bank Nurtures More Asnaf Entrepreneurs Through ISHRAF 2.0 Program26-11-2021
   SME Bank Special Initiative worth RM900 Million Help Boost SMEs Businesses09-11-2021
   SME Bank Jom Xcess Southern Region Program Support SMEs to Revive their Business06-11-2021
   Participants of SME Bank’s Asnaf and B40 Entrepreneur Development Programs Recorded Sales of RM5.15 Million02-11-2021
   Inisiatif Pembangunan PKS Sewaktu Pandemik oleh SME Bank dan Tekun Nasional Raih Anugerah ADFIAP ke-4429-10-2021
   SME Bank Offers SRP Pemulih Targeted Assistance to 4,142 SMEs with Financing Value of RM5.8 Billion 20-10-2021
   SME Bank Y-Biz Challenge 2020 Focuses on Nurturing Young e-Entrepreneurs 13-10-2021
   Access to Financing and Entrepreneur Development through SME Bank’s Regional Let’s XCESS 2021 Program23-09-2021
   SME Bank Launches Business Exports Programme to Nurture Bumiputera Exporters23-09-2021
   SME Bank Signs RM150 Million MOU with Sabah Development Bank & Collaborate with Majlis Ugama Islam Sabah to Empower SMEs in Sabah06-09-2021
   SME Bank’s Sustainability Sukuk Transiting SMEs Into Green Circular Economy03-08-2021
   SME Bank XCESS 2021, Largest Business Matching Platform to Assist SME Entrepreneurs26-07-2021
   SME Bank’s Maiden Sustainability Sukuk Registered Final Order of RM1.78 Billion24-07-2021
   3,726 SME Bank’s Customers Receive SRP PEMULIH Moratorium Facility Worth RM5.4 Billion in Financing Value15-07-2021
   SUKSES 4.0 SME Bank Nurtures Digital Savvy Entrepreneurs To Face New Norm Business Challenges09-07-2021
   SME Bank Unveils RM3 Billion Sukuk Wakalah Programmes and Maiden Issuance of Sustainability Sukuk05-07-2021
   SME Bank Provides RM200 Mil Pemerkasa Matching Grant Financing to Assist SMEs In ‘3D’ Sector28-06-2021
   SME Bank Supports The National Recovery Plan16-06-2021
   SME Bank’s Support for SMES to Continue during MCO 3.003-06-2021
   Delivering the Mandate and Embracing Digitalisation are Key Contributors to Successful Performance in 2020 for SME Bank31-05-2021
   SME Bank Produces Social Media Experiment Campaign “Kemanisan Memberi”07-05-2021
   SME Bank’s Lestari Bumi Financing Scheme Elevates the Micro and Small Enterprises07-04-2021
   SME Bank Targeted Financing Relief Helps SME Businesses Recover 21-03-2021
   SME Bank’s Upward Migration Intervention Program Nurtures Successful and Sustainable SME Entrepreneurs 19-03-2021
   SME Bank Empowers National Language Through Tinta Sutradara Competition06-03-2021
   Kolaborasi Strategik CEDAR dan Qatar Airways Beri Manfaat Kepada Ahli ODELA24-02-2021
   CEDAR and Qatar Airways Strategic Collaboration Bring Benefits to ODELA Members24-02-2021
   ISHRAF Gives New Hopes to Asnaf & B40 Entrepreneurs 08-02-2021
   SME Bank Extends Moratorium Assistance to SMEs Affected by Flood 14-01-2021
   Contribution worth RM50,000 to MKN by SME Bank for Covid-19 Front Liners10-12-2020
   SME Bank Receives Recognition For Green Technology Projects Financing At The National Energy Awards 202025-11-2020
   Media Statement by En Aria Putera Ismail, Group President / Chief Executive Officer, SME Bank on the 2021 Budget Announcement20-11-2020
   SME Bank Assist B40 Micro Entrepreneurs through Penjana [email protected] Bank Programme12-11-2020
   SME Bank Entrepreneur Development Programs Received ADFIAP Award30-10-2020
   SME Bank Offers Targeted Extension on Moratorium and Assistance28-09-2020
   SME Bank Absorbs Rental Fees Amounting RM3.45 Million to Assist SMES Affected by Covid-19 Pandemic09-09-2020
   SME Bank To Assist 3000 SMEs Post Moratorium27-08-2020
   SME Bank Builds Strong Foundation to Support SME Development13-08-2020
   SME Bank Allocates RM2.1 Billion to Assist SMEs under PENJANA06-07-2020
   SME Bank Distributes RM300,000 ‘Zakat’ (Tithe) and RM50,000 Corporate Donation to Fight Against Covid-1906-07-2020
   SME Bank’s Government Guaranteed Islamic Medium Term Notes (IMTNS) Oversubscribed 4.5 Times06-07-2020
   Pakej Rangsangan Ekonomi 2020 Membantu Individu, Perusahaan Kecil Dan Sederhana (PKS) Dalam Menghadapi Isu Covid-1920-03-2020
   SME Bank Offers Special Financing Up To RM1.0 Million to SMEs Affected by the COVID-19 16-03-2020
   SME Bank Malaysia, SME Bank Thailand, Export-Import Bank of Thailand & EXIM Bank Malaysia Collaborate to Boost Economic Activities18-02-2020
   SME Bank Promotes Government Guarantee Scheme to Provide Access To Financing For SMEs13-02-2020
   SME Bank Offers Temporary Relief to Clients Affected by the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak07-02-2020

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