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BAP is a collaborative effort program with SME Corp. Malaysia with the objective of providing financial assistance to SMEs. It is to assist SMEs in strengthening their core business, building capacity and capability, and facilitating access to financing.


  • Fixed Asset
  • Working Capital


  • Meet SME definition
  • SME Corp's SCORE 2 or higher
  • The Company is at least 60% owned by a Malaysian
  • Large enterprise ownership of not more than 20%
  • Valid business (business license from local authority, valid business premise)
  • Full time business operator
  • The Company has been in operations for at least 6 months.

Financing Concept

  • ​Commodity Murabahah Term Financing-i (CMTF-i)
  • Commodity Murabahah Revolving Financing (CMRF-i)
  • Ijarah Thummal Bai’ Term Financing (ITB)

Margin of Financing

Fixed Asset Up to 90%
Working Capital Up to 100%

Financing Limit

Minimum RM50,000
Maximum RM1,000,000

Financing Tenure

Fixed Asset Up to 10 years, inclusive of grace period up to 24 months
Working Capital Up to 7 years, inclusive of grace period up to 12 months

Profit Rate

  • 4% p.a


  • Fixed asset to be financed
  • Minimum 10% cash collateral for working capital financing
  • Joint and several guarantees of directors/shareholders

Download Business Accelerator Program (BAP)

Brochure Business Accelerator Program (BAP)
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MySMEBina is a financing programme for construction and infrastructure projects awarded by Federal Government, State Government, Government Link Companies (GLCs) and its subsidiaries.
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MySMEBekal is a complete short term financing programme to supply or maintain the contract awarded by Federal Government, State Government, Government Agencies, Government Link Companies (GLC) and its subsidiaries.
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Supplementary Renewed Facility <br />(i-SURF)

Supplementary Renewed Facility

i-SURF is an automatic additional financing of working capital for SME Bank’s existing customers who have collateral of property and / or Sijil Pelaburan Am Mudharabah/ Fixed Deposit charged/ pledged to the bank and have shown good repayment records.
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i-Pembiayaan Premis Perniagaan

i-Pembiayaan Premis Perniagaan

With i-3P, you can purchase or refinance business premises and at the same time secure working capital for your business growth.
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