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The Centre for Entrepreneur Development and Research Sdn Bhd (CEDAR) is a wholly owned subsidiary of SME Bank. Established in early 2013, its mission is focused on capacity building and capability development of the Malaysian entrepreneurs towards sustaining their business growth in support of the National Economic Agenda.

Today, SME Bank stands as the only Malaysian bank with an outfit like CEDAR, that focuses on continuous development of entrepreneurs in ensuring growth and sustainability through its various forms of intervention services which include research-based counseling, business coaching, fund-based facilitation, outcome-based mentoring and business intervention.



To be the Centre of Excellence for Entrepreneur Development and Transformation.



To continuously develop the capability of entrepreneurs towards sustaining their business growth in support of the National Economic Agenda.



LEAP Coaching

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Leaders Entrepreneurship Acceleration Programme (LEAP) is a unique entrepreneur development programme for entrepreneurs aspiring to turn their ideas into a sustainable and bankable business.

The programme will familiarize entrepreneurs with business models, strategic management and entrepreneurial strategy tools which makes it handy for entrepreneurs to write a bankable business plan favorable for financing offers.

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GROW! Coaching

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Being an entrepreneur sometimes can be very unforgiving especially when one is going through  rough waters. It helps to have an experienced friend to discuss and solve the problem.

CEDAR provides personalised business coaching that helps entrepreneurs to tackle the core cause of  business problems and provide fresh insights to grow the business.

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Financial Management

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In the Financial Management programme, entrepreneurs shall be exposed to simple and effective methods in managing business finance.

Learn and understand the right methods in preparing the profit and loss accounts. At the end of the programme, entrepreneurs will be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the business and set the direction for its future.

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3-Steps to Profit

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In this simple 2-day mind provoking training programme, our business coach will empower entrepreneurs with simple strategies to increase the business income and profits using 3 simple steps which can be applied immediately to get massive results! Through this programme, entrepreneurs shall gain ideas on the basic principles of streetwise marketing and strategies that had been used by many businesses in growing their sales and profit.

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Boost your Business with Powerful Digital Marketing Strategies

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CEDAR in collaboration with Satu Creative, a Consulting and Training agency offers a Digital Marketing Training program designed especially for entrepreneurs and executives who wish to master the art of digital marketing.

The program is delivered by Azuar Zainuddin, an expert in Digital Marketing with over 10 years of experience in advertising, banking, hospitality and higher education sectors.

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MySMEBina is a financing programme for construction and infrastructure projects awarded by Federal Government, State Government, Government Link Companies (GLCs) and its subsidiaries.
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MySMEBekal is a complete short term financing programme to supply or maintain the contract awarded by Federal Government, State Government, Government Agencies, Government Link Companies (GLC) and its subsidiaries.
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Supplementary Renewed Facility <br />(i-SURF)

Supplementary Renewed Facility

i-SURF is an automatic additional financing of working capital for SME Bank’s existing customers who have collateral of property and / or Sijil Pelaburan Am Mudharabah/ Fixed Deposit charged/ pledged to the bank and have shown good repayment records.
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SME Digitalisation Initiative

SME Digitalisation Initiative

Grant initiative provided for SMEs to adopt Digitalisation in business operations.
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