TPPA is a financing fund specifically for bus and taxi operators licensed under the Commercial Vehicles Licensing Board (CVLB) Act 1987 (Act 334). The fund is provided for the purchase of vehicles in order to increase the quality of service (which includes individual and company/ cooperative/ firm operators).

Programme Objectives

The objectives of this programme are to:-

  • Provide a special financing facility especially for commercial buses and taxis service operators throughout Malaysia with more flexible terms and competitive rates.
  • Encouraging economic growth in the public transportation industry and other related businesses whilst contributing to the socio-economic development and improving the quality of the nation’s public transportation services.
  • Assisting entrepreneurs in the public transportation in bus & taxi sector to increase its competitiveness with high levels of quality service.

Applicant Eligibility/Target Group

These funds are targeted specifically for bus and taxi operators. Terms of applicants are as follows: –

Item Individual Applicant Company/ Cooperative/ Firm Applicants
Ownership Status
Open to all Malaysian
  • Open to all Companies/ Cooperatives/Firms owned by Malaysians
Business Registration None
  • Company registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM)
  • Cooperatives with valid registration from the Cooperative Commission
License from CVLB Own a license or Offer Letter of Approval (STK) from CVLB registered in own name/ company/ cooperative/ firm
Project Project must be viable with the ability to service the loan and operated by the license holder or STK

*Note: The evaluation of individual applications will be undertaken by MARA.

Public Transport Operators Eligible for Funding

1. Bus and taxi operators which are eligible to apply for financing under this programme are as follows: –


  • Express Bus
  • Stage Bus
  • Shuttle Bus
  • School Bus
  • Factory Bus
  • Charter Bus
  • Mini Bus

Taxis/ Rental Car

  • Taxis
  • Rental Cars
  • Limousine
  • Airport Taxis
  • Rent and Drive Cars

2. Or any other classes of public service vehicles established under Act 334 from time to time.

Note: Tour bus operators and private vehicles are not eligible under this program.

General Terms of Financing

Items Description
Financing Facility Amount
  • Minimum : RM50,000
  • Maximum : RM20.0 million
Financing Period
  • Up to 10 years
Financing Purpose
  • Purchase of new or reconditioned vehicles for new licenses or STK or replacement of old vehicles
  • Improving the quality of vehicles (such as conversion to NGV, installation/ conversion of audio/ video, seats, air conditioning, body paint and other modifications). Financing to cover the cost of repairs due to accidents is not permitted
  • Financing for working capital is only allowed for bus and taxi operators with the company/ firm/ cooperative status only (individual operators are not allowed)
  • Refinancing of existing financing is not permitted

Note : Purchase of reconditioned vehicles must be in accordance with rules established under CVLB Act 1987

Type of facilities Financing offered through the conventional and Islamic methods:

  • Commodity Murabahah Term Financing-i (CMTF-i)
  • Ijarah Thummal Bai’ (ITB)


Profit Rates

  • The profit rate charged at 4.0% – 8.0% per annum

Margin of Financing

  • Up to 100% of the vehicle price and repair costs depending on the type of financing instruments offered and also the credit risk rate of the project.

Charges/ Fees

  • For individual applicants, a payment of RM50 will be charged for each application.
  • For applicants of companies / firms / cooperatives, 0.15% of the total loan amount approved or RM 10,000 will be charged for each application, whichever is lower.