Introducing a fund that helps increase Bumiputera equity ownership in Bursa Malaysia.


EquiBumi Financing Facility is a facility allocated by the Government under the National Budget 2014 to assist credible Bumiputera Companies (Acquirer) to take over listed companies or companies with potential to be listed on Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad (Target Company). The amount allocated for EquiBumi Financing Facility is RM300 million.


To increase Bumiputera equity ownership by providing financing to credible Bumiputera Companies to take over the Target Company.


  • Company registered with Companies Commission of Malaysia, categorized as SMEs*.
  • The company must be financially viable and fulfilled the criteria set by SME Bank.

* SME s as per SME Bank’s definition.

Financing concept

  • Shariah based financing concept.


Purpose & Margin of Financing*

Purpose Margin of Financing
To provide financing for acquisition of shares/equities held by the Target Company*. Up to 100% of the equities purchase price

*Subject to terms and conditions.


  • Up to 15 years from the date of the facility’s disbursement.

(Excluding any incidental costs to be borne by the Acquirer such as advisory fees, legal fees, stamp duty to be paid, etc).

Profit Rate

Profit rate is competitive.

Security & Collateral

  • Charge on the shares
  • Joint and several guarantees by directors/individuals shareholders
  • Any additional collateral as maybe imposed by the Bank


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