Graduate Entrepreneurs Incubation (PIUS)
Provide an integrated programme for graduates who are interested to make entrepreneurship as their career choice and support Government’s aspiration in generating interest and entrepreneurship to graduates.
4 main components:

  • Entrepreneurial training
  • Mentor-Mentee Programme
  • Attachment Programme
  • Counsellor

Programme Duration: 3 months and participants must submit their Business Plan at the end of the programme.

One District One Industry Programme (SDSI)

Adoption of an industry within a district by various government agencies as means to promote and develop rural industries in order to uplift the socio-economic levels of its residents.

SME Bank to act as ‘foster parents’ to the songket weaving entrepreneurs in the district of Kuala Terengganu.

The objectives of this programme are to :

  • Provide financing facilities
  • Develop and improve products
  • Market and promote products
  • Execute entrepreneurial guidance and training
  • Establish vendors
  • Entrepreneur products as corporate gifts of SME Bank

Mentor Programme

  • Individual guidance and motivational programme.
  • Successful/ stable entrepreneur individuals/ companies in the market to act as references for new entrepreneurs/ companies.
  • Aspects of guidance are matters related to the handling and managing of company operations as well as business/ entrepreneurial ethics.
  • Methods of guidance are direct reference to the entrepreneurs (mentors) or group motivational talk sessions.

Attachment Programme

  • The concept of the programme is the process of preparation and exposure to the new (100% Bumiputera) entrepreneurs (operating less than 3 years).
  • New customers of SME Bank will be attached to the mentor companies (existing customers of the Bank) for a period not exceeding 1 month.
  • Exposure and practical training on handling and managing of business operations in the aspects of management/ administrative, technical, accounting/ finance and market/ marketing.


For further information regarding the Special Programme, please contact:

Entrepreneur Upskilling
Aras 12, Menara SME Bank
Jalan Sultan Ismail
50774 Kuala Lumpur

Contact Person:
En. Arzaman Ariffin: 03-26152161
Cik Akmar Kamari: 03-26152063