The Transformation Journey

The Small Medium Enterprise Development Bank Malaysia Berhad (SME Bank) was established following the restructuring of Bank Pembangunan dan Infrastruktur Malaysia Berhad (BPIM) and Bank Industri dan Teknologi Malaysia Berhad (BITM) in 2005.

Wholly-owned by the Ministry of Finance Inc, SME Bank commenced its operations on 3 October 2005 as a Development Financial Institution (DFI) regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia and supervised by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI).

Today, the Bank is dedicated to accelerate the growth of Malaysian SMEs serving as a one-stop financing and business development centre.

Its principal activities are to provide financing as well as financial and business advisory services to Malaysian SMEs within the pre-defined categories framed within the SME classification guidelines of the National SME Development Council.

The Bank strives to accelerate the financing process of eligible SMEs in meeting the financing needs as well as supporting their business growth requirements through the provision of timely advisory service and through better segmentation of financial and non-financial needs of SMEs by industry, stage of growth and product and market potentials.