2018 Media Release

Title Date
SME Bank Wins Two ADFIAP Development Awards 2018 In India 21 Feb 2018
Apply Anytime Anywhere With ‘MySMEBank’  13 Feb 2018
SME Bank Y-Biz Challenge 2018 Goes Digital  13 Feb 2018

2017 Media Release

Title Date
Kakitangan SME Bank Pulihara Sumber Alam 13 Dec 2017
SME Bank Extends Financial Relief Programme To Flood Victims 10 Nov 2017
CEDAR Inked Strategic Partnership with CEDA Botswana 25 Oct 2017
“Sukses” Is The New Platform To Highlight SME Issues  27 Sept 2017
Poem Recital and Pantun Contest Nurture The Spirit Of ‘Negaraku Sehati Sejiwa’  22 Aug 2017
Effective Digital Marketing Techniques To Drive Businesses  4 Aug 2017
SME Bank “90-Days Business Challenge” Program With Community Colleges Successfully Developed Young Entrepreneurs  6 July 2017
Datuk Mohd Radzif Bids Farewell to SME Bank  22 June 2017
SME Bank Strengthens and Surpasses Its Shareholders’ Fund  22 June 2017
BID-it, The Secrets to Digital Excellence 24 May  2017
SME Bank Sarawak Provides Access to Financing Through Mini XCESS Programme 11 April 2017
SME Bank’s Sabah Region Resolves Access to Financing Issue Through Its Mini XCESS Programme 31 March 2017
Approximately 1,500 SME Entrepreneurs Get Access to SME Bank’s Financing Facilities and Capacity Building Programmes 29 March 2017
SME Bank Northern Region Mini Xcess Facilitates Access To Financing 23 March 2017
SME Bank Offers Financing Package To Support Pan Borneo Sabah Highway Project 28 Feb 2017
SME Bank i-SMART Programme Open Doors For SMEs In Global Market 24 Feb 2017
‘Book Your Banker’ (BYB) For Financing From SME Bank Group 16 Feb 2017
SME Bank Offers Special Financing Package To Support Pan Borneo Sarawak Highway Project 7 Feb 2017
SME Bank The First DFI In Malaysia & Asean Accepted To The Montreal Group (TMG) 26 Jan 2017

2016 Press Release

Title Date
SME Bank’s Media Statement On National Budget 2017 22 Oct 2016
SME Bank Applies Fintech To Enhance Its Service Delivery 1 Sept 2016
SME Bank’s Slogan Contest Nurture The Spirit Of ‘Sehati Sejiwa’ 30 Aug2016
SME Bank Enriching the SMEs In Sabah Region 5 Aug 2016
SME Bank Outreach Program For Northern Regional Centre Facilitates Access To Financing In Four States For SME Entrepreneurs 27 July 2016
SME Bank Recorded Healthy Financial Performance for 2015 30 June 2016
SME Bank Outreach Program Facilitates Access To Financing For SME Entrepreneurs 2 June 2016
i-EPF Enables SME Entrepreneurs To Own Business Premises 31 May 2016
Small Business Financing (SBF) For Matured Micro Enterprises to Upscale 21 April 2016
SME Bank XCESS 2016 One-Stop Centre for SME Entrepreneurs Financing Needs 8 March 2016