Graduate Entrepreneur Fund 2



Special Financing Fund For Graduates

Graduate Entrepreneur Fund (TUS 2) is a special fund provided to encourage graduates to venture into business.

It is a financing scheme for graduates to start up business as well as expansion of existing business.


Shariah Concept

Based on shariah financing concept (e.g: Bai’ Inah, Bai’ Bithaman Ajil, Ijarah, Ijarah Thummalbai’, Bai’ Istisna’)


Purpose & Margin of Financing

Purpose Margin of financing
1. Working CapitalPurchase of raw materials, stocks,operational cost, legal fees, takaful,renovation and others. Up to 100% (except for renovation)
2. Purchase of assets for businessMachinery, equipment, furniture, loose tools, vehicle etc Up to 100 % (for new items)


Financing Limit

Minimum : RM20,000.00
Maximum : RM500.000.00



  • Up to 10 years including maximum 4 years grace period.

Profit Rate

  • 4% per annum (Terms and condition apply)


Security &
Sdn Bhd Sole Proprietor / Partnership
Security Documents i. Joint & Several Guaranteeii. Facility Agreement Facility Agreement
Guarantee i. Joint & Several Guarantee For financing above RM100,000Third party guarantee

  • 20% of the financing in excess of RM100,000 OR
  • Saving investment

Additional security will be imposed where

deemed necessary



a) Malaysian citizen not more than 40 years old.

b) Must at least hold a Diploma from:

  • Public / Private Universities or
  • Polytechnic / Mara Colleges that is recognized by:
    • Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) or
    • Public Service Department of Malaysia (JPA) or
    • Ministry of Education (MOE)

c) Have graduated for not more than 15 years.

d) The business is registered with SSM / other authorized registering bodies. (Sole-proprietorship / partnership firm, or a Sdn Bhd company).

e) For a partnership firm or a Sdn Bhd company, the graduate must hold majority shares of ≥ 51% AND is the key decision maker and must be full time in business.

f) For those who have < 2 years business experience, you are required to attend course conducted by SME BANK-CEDAR.

Those who have attended course organized by INSKEN are also eligible.

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For further inquiries, please contact: Any of our Enterprise Centres / Business Centres

Our Branches

Please contact SME BANK-CEDAR for applicants who need to attend the course.

Tel: 03 – 2615 2970 / 2615 2077

Notes :

SME Bank has never appointed any agent, broker or outside party to conduct business on our behalf.

Please contact our Customer Service at:

Customer Service – 1 800 88 3131