Own shares in other Shariah compliant companies to expand or strengthen your business.

Who can apply for this program?.

  • Applicant must be a Bumiputera Small & Medium Enterprise Companies registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (“Acquirer”) and
    • CEO / MD must be a Bumiputera.
    • Majority of the management team are Bumiputeras.
  • Existing or new company are eligible to apply.
  • Acquirer must be able to demonstrate that it has the relevant expertise, experience, or personnel to manage and / or grow the acquiree business post acquisition.
  • Shareholding in the acquiree company post-acquisition must be at least 51%.
  • Fulfilled other eligibility criteria set by SME Bank.


Financing Amount:

Minimum RM2,000,000
Maximum RM10,000,000
  • Financing of Shariah complaint shares / equity up to 90% of purchase price.
  • Financing facilities is based on Commodity Murabahah (Tawarruq) or any other acceptable Shariah contracts.


Financing instruments and payment period

  • Memorandum of Deposit and Charge over the ordinary shares of the customer and / or the ordinary shares acquired by the Acquirer.
  • Joint & Several Guarantee by the Directors and Individual Shareholders of the Acquirer.
  • Maximum financing tenure is up to 15 years.
  • As low as Base Financing Rate (BFR). BFR is subject to change from time to time.


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